Вопрос: Напишите 12 вопросов к тексту

Напишите 12 вопросов к тексту Вопросы на английском языке There are cinemas (or movies, as Americans say) everywhere. They are in large cities and small towns, in villages and settlements. Films may be feature or documentary, sound or silent. Feature films are sound as a rule. There are also colour films. I like to see colour pictures. Animated cartoons are good too. As usual, before the showing of the film they give a newsreel. It lasts for several minutes. Newsreels are of great interest. People like to go to the cinema. Millions of people may see one film. There are many films which are dedicated to the life of our people, to the present and to the history of our country. They are very popular. Some of them are very good. I аm fond of cinema. I like moving pictures. The people who go to see films regularly or often are called cinema- goers. I am one of them Вопрос был изменен 25 Мар 2015 в 12:20


1. Are cinemas everywhere? 2. What kind of films do you know? 3. Are feature films sounf or silent? 4. Do you like cartoons? 5. When do they give a newsreel? 6. How many people see one film? 7/ Who go to see films regularly? 8. How long does a newsreels last? 9. Who are films dedicated to? 10. Does yhe author like moving pictures or cartoons? 11. Is the author cinema- goer? 12. Do people like to go to the cinema?

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