Сочинение About Myself

    First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Sasha Nasedkyna. I*m thirteen. I was born in Moscow. I*m the only child in the family. My mother is a manager. My father is a administrator. All of us like doing sports. We enjoy skiing and skating in winter and riding bicycle in summer. We always like going to the country where we have a comfortable and warm house.
     I*m a student of a specialized English school. I*m in form 7. I do well at school. My best subjects are P.E. and History. I don*t like Music and German. I take a special interest in Physics. I try to get a good knowledge of English because it may help me in my future job and English is necessary for a well- educated person.
     My best friend is Julia Unisova. We are classmates and we are of the same age. I*d like to describe her appearance. She has short but slim figure, pretty face, long blond hair and bright eyes. She always looks neat and tidy. I respect Julia for her kindheartedness and good nature.
     Sport is important part of my life. My favourite sport is an acrobatics. On my trainings I relax intellectually, but strain physically. Sport gives me a lot of joy and pleasure. It makes me more sporty and cheerful.
     I*d like to mention that holidays is a good chance for traveling and advanture Travelling and adventure help me to study geography, to understand people better and to get to know more about other countries and continents, seas and oceans. It*s so interesting to try different food and to listen to different musical ruthms. I*ve been to Czech Republic, Turkey and Tunis. It*s great to escape from routeen of everybody life to warm Mediterranean or to enjoy riding on many attractions.
     I can*t say that I*m a keen theatre-goer but I don*t mind to go to the cinema with a good company. My favourite film is «Appolo 13 I». It is a kind of science-fiction films. I like going to the museums, art galleries and other places of historical interest.
     I*m a keen reader. I read for pleasure and education. I like reading books about animals,science-fiction stories and detectives. I like fantastic books because while you are reading these stories you are in magic world and it*s wonderful. I enjoy reading detectives because the plots are always thrilling and it is really exciting to read them.
     As for my character, I hope I*m a faithful and reliable friend.
    But every person has short comings. I think that my short coming is talkative. I can spend hours chatting. I try to be hardworking and it seems to me that I*m diligent.

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