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    To begin with I*d like to say that leisure is the time when you are not working or studing. It*s time free for rest , relaxation and amusement. Many teenagers spend their leisure time doing sports, shopping, sightseeing, theatre or cinema going playing computers and so on.
     I*m like many other teenagers. First of all when I want to relax, I call on my best friends. In spite of the differences we like being together playing computer games, watching films or just walking around the district.
     Another hobby is sport. My favourite sport is an acrobatics. On my trainings I relax intellectually, but strain physically. Sport gives me a lot of joy and pleasure. It makes me more sporty and cheerful.
     I*d like to mention that holidays is a good chance for adventure and travel. Travelling and adventure help me to study geography, to understand people better and to get to know more.
     I*ve been to Czech Republic, Turkey and Tunis. It*s great to escape from routeen of everybody life to warm Mediterranean or to enjoy riding on many attractions.
     I can*t say that I*m a keen theatre – goer but I don*t mind going to the cinema with a good company. I enjoy going to many museums, art galleries and seeing monuments and other places of historical interest.
     I can*t say that reading is my hobby, but I read just for pleasure or education.
     In the evening I usually watch TV, a game show. On Sundays I watch TV and play computer games till losing my pulse.
     To sum up it up I*d like to say that I agree with the statement « A real character of a man is found out by his amusement”.

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